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I (Anthony Rossi) have been blogging about video games for almost a decade at this point across various platforms and websites. What first started out as a creative outlet to break the drudgery of a dead-end monotonous job, I quickly realized that the Games bloggosphere scene was over-saturated with either under-informed dribble or rampant clickbait. My initial goal was to drive deeper discussion in to the art of gaming by taking the time to discuss the different themes that emerged in the story telling, to expand upon the social commentary that the writers were trying to tell in this new and evolving medium, and to bring my own perspective that has developed over my years as a gamer and a technology enthusiast.

Alas, long form blogging isn’t exactly popular and is quite the tough sell to a wide audience. The result was the jumping between different platforms and tweaking the delivery.

In time, I had been invited to join the now defunct 8 Bit Bourbon podcast for a guest appearance. I had been kicking around the idea of podcasting for awhile, but never got the nerve take the full dive. However, the little bit that I learned from that first experience was enough for me take a deeper look in to it and ultimately set this up.

VGXT was created when I realized that of all my friends that work in the Science and Technology fields, the vast majority of them are gamers. At the same time, we as gamers are still fighting the same tired stigma of our hobby being for lazy, white, teenage males still living in their parent’s basement. The truth of the matter is that the demographics of those who enjoy gaming as a hobby is a vast as the population of this great earth. While it may have been true in the past, people of every age, gender, creed, ethnicity, and any other quantifiable demographic now call themselves gamers.

Even those who work in professional industry.

At the present time, I have been using this podcast as a way to get the word out on some major advances in technology and science that would normally get passed over by most other outlets. Topics such as Sustainability, Mental Health, even Fighting Wild Fires. Then, so the discussion does not stay too heavy, we lighten things up with some Gaming and Geekery. We laugh. We mock. We reveal our guilty pleasures.

So join me as I bring on a new guest each episode to discuss some major headlines in the Technology and Science fields, and get a quick fix of some gaming chat at the end.



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