Recently, I finally, and I mean FINALLY reached 100% completion for my Age of Triumph (AoT) Record Book for Destiny. It was a grind-fest at the end, but being a Guardian since Beta instilled far too much pride in me to not check off this final milestone. While most die-hards have already completed their AoT book and even have received their t-shirt, I am sure I am not the only one who is still working it out.

So, here’s a few few tips that helped me bang it out:

Commemoration / Story

Unfortunately, there’s no shortcuts for these first pages. Either you’ve been playing consistently for the entire life of Destiny, or you haven’t. Either you have played through the story missions of the main campaign and all the DLCs, or you haven’t. Grind on, Guardian!


For each of the individual classes, there are a list of grind heavy milestones to complete. For each of these, I suggest working on the other milestones through out the book and let the tally marks fall where they may. With a little added focus, of course to specifics. Keep running Heroic Strikes or Crucible matches with the needed class until the milestone pops.


Unless you haven’t hit experience level 40, there’s little excuse to do anything less than Heroic. Remember to grab every Bounty from both the Bounty Board AND Zavala that you can cram in to your inventory before heading out. Don’t worry about dropping some excess bounties to make room as you can always pick them back up later. The majority of the bounties are surprisingly easy to accomplish, especially if you end up running multiple strikes in a single gaming session.

Remember: The majority of the bounties and milestones for this page and others require a set number of kills. Therefore, do not race past adds like so many like to do just to get the strike completed.

This is especially true if you are trying to knock out the “On Target” milestone. I was with a fireteam that actually told me, “No worries! Hang back and get those headshots and we’ll push ahead.” If you are fortunate enough to have a team that will accommodate that, take them up on the offer!

Feel free to ignore the previous two points if you are trying to complete a Nightfall in less than 30 minutes. The clock is ticking, Guardian! Keep it moving!


Personally, I hate PvP. This is not why I game. I want to go out and explore and become immersed in an experience and lose myself to an imaginative world of lore and adventure. Alas, I wanted that t-shirt, so I pressed on!

About half the milestones here require you to grind away for a bit in the different match types. These are fairly simple and straight forward, and if you are an active participant in the match’s objectives you should be able to knock these out fairly quickly.

Master at Arms: Remember what I said about picking up bounties before heading out to the Strikes? The same concept applies here. Grab bounties from the Quartermaster and get to shooting.

Which brings us to the first officially Shameless Tip of this post: Screw the objectives! Get kills!

Obviously, use this approach AFTER you have completed the other milestones, as this will definitely inhibit your progress with those. The quartermaster bounties require you to get kills with particular weapons. If you’re like me and are terrible at PvP, you have two options: Either “Git Gud” (LOLZ!) or become a Vulture. Basically, I to complete these I would go in to a match with the intent on this basic strategy:

  1. Go to where there’s a lot of action
  2. Hold back just outside of the crossfire
  3. Wait for the other players to shoot each other up
  4. Move in and pop who ever is left

I know, I know. It’s shameful. But it was for the greater good! This same strategy can also be applied with the Guardian Class milestones that requires you to complete the individual SubClass quest lines. Gotta get grenade kills? Equip sticky grenades and tag from a distance. Melees? Flank the action and tag someone that is distracted.

Multikills with Supers? This one you may want to wait until Mayhem available, depending on how it’s going. You could find that with the increased cooldowns you get more opportunities, or that the Mayhem is a bit too chaotic and you can’t find groups of opponents in time anyway. If that is the case, you may want to play the vulture again in standard matches and wait for everyone to cluster together once you get charged.


If you are mainly a solo player, this page and the Trials of Osiris page will be your bane. If possible, beg and plead with your friends to Sherpa you through so the milestone will pop. If you’re feeling adventurous you can try your hand at an LFG (Looking For Group) site.

In general, you just have to make it through the Raid for half of these. If you are unfamiliar with the Raid mechanics, Heed these tips:

  • Sit down. Shut up. Do what you are told. Chances are there will be one or two people who are accustomed to calling out the shots during the raid and have practiced explaining the mechanics. Do what they tell you. Do EXACTLY what they tell you.
  • Being above LL 390 will help you immensely. In these activities, you may have to equip gear that you normally do not use just so you can boost your LL those few extra points. Trust me when I tell you those points will be worth it.
  • Get a high impact sniper like 1000-Yard Stare or Devil’s Dawn. During the boss fights, nothing else matters but damage and staggering the boss. Depending on the Raid, you may also be required to drop Elites with one shot (Ahem, King’s Fall) and taking multiple shots, regardless of Rate of Fire, is simply too risky.
  • Heavy Ammo Synths. Lots of them. With a few Special Ammo Synths to boot.
  • You just have to make it through. Play your part, play it well. Who knows, you may end up enjoying Raids and make a few friends along the way!


Simply put: Make a list with an actual pen and paper. Go to the appropriate kiosk for your collection (Emblems/Shaders/Sparrows/etc) and physically write down the names of each item that you have not unlocked and can be purchased from either Amanda Holiday or Eva Levante. Each time you come back to the Tower, drop whatever cash you can on completing one of your lists.

*Note: completing full pages will unlock Emblems for your use, which also count towards your total emblem milestone.

For this page and this page only would I ever suggest purchasing Legacy Exotic Engrams from Xur. Bungie has been super generous and updated the RNG to favor items you have not yet received on your account, thus pushing the odds in your favor. Yes, this is how I was able to complete the Outlandish Arms milestone.


Don’t even bother doing this the honorable way. Go here:  and input your information. This site will tell you which Dead Ghosts/Calcified Fragments/Siva Clusters you have and have not found along with a YouTube vid of where to get them. This is also useful for all the Dead Ghosts in the Crucible Maps.


For Vanguard and Crucible: Rock those Bounties and Reputation Boosters! As with the Class Milestones, I wouldn’t focus on these unless you are really struggling. Reputation will build as you complete other activities.

For Factions: Same, but in addition you can make donations:

If during all your grinding for this book you find yourself maxing out your threshold of 200 Legendary Marks, you can unload these marks in the form of material purchases from the Vanguard Armory. Specifically, go to your Faction rep first to find out which material they are accepting that week, and then purchase that material purely for donation purposes.

Save all your Strange Coins, even transfer them to the same character if you need to, and purchase mass quantities of Heavy Ammo Synths from Xur. All Faction Reps always accept Heavy Ammo Synths as donations. Purchase these from Xur at his bulk rate and literally buy Faction Ranks!

Trials of Osiris

Nope. I was able to complete my book without a single milestone on this page. However, if you must, just grind though it like normal Crucible. Sadly, I have no additional tips to give for this one.

Final Notes

A big help here would be to, if you can, complete an entire page of the book. For each of the pages, there is a final milestone that keeps track of the number of other milestones that you have completed on that page. If you are able to complete the other seven milestones, that final one will pop as well and you will be gifted a bonus milestone towards your total count!

You do not need to complete the entire book to reach 100% completion! As stated above, I did not complete a single milestone on the Trials of Osiris page. Bungie has again been generous to the players and has accommodated all play styles, including the solo players. Sure, it will still probably take some multiplayer to push through, but it will not be a necessity.

Now Guardian! Once more in to the Fray!