It has been announced the Destiny 2 is now the game of the month for IGN First. Obviously, I am beyond hyped for this as I have gone off an purchased a PS4 by trading in a ton of old games and my Halo Edition Xboxes (Yes, multiple. But that’s a story for another post) and have committed to my first digital pre-order for a new game. Normally I would salivate over every new bit of detail that emerges from the ether that is the internet, pouncing over trigger words like “Latest” or “LEAKED” and the like. However, I think I am putting myself on a self imposed news blackout until release.

Or at least, I’m going to try to anyway.

Let It Breathe

I have been playing Destiny consistently for three years since the release of the Beta. I have never put in that kind of commitment in to a game before. Even games that I have gone back to and played again, or played with friends for the multiplayer aspect of it all. Even in those cases, I may get a spurt here and there if “the boys are back in town” or something. Perhaps a friend unexpectedly picked up a used copy of a game on the cheap and they need someone to show them the ropes. Even then, I would just jump on with my obscenely over powered character and lay waste to, well, pretty much everything. At times I actually felt like I was robbing them of the experience of defeating a boss because my character went all Leeroy Jenkins and DIDN’T cause a full wipe.

Easily the most time I’ve put in to a game.

Put on top of that the fact that I just completed my Age of Triumph book where I had to do all the grind heavy milestones. I am really, REALLY tired of watching videos of where to find collectibles. I am even MORE tired of dancing around PvP maps waiting for my grenade ability recharge so I can get four more kills before returning to the Tower and moving on to yet another step that requires MORE CRUCIBLE! Yes, I’ve been playing a lot, and if I wanted to NOT get burned out like I am I would have taken the time to complete those quest lines some time in the past few years. But alas, off I went.


Trust me, I have no intention of purchasing this game again. I attended the midnight release of this game back in 2011, and played it pretty non-stop until I was the head of every guild, had every Deadric artifact, and smited Alduin off his mountain perch.

So many dragon souls!

I WILL WEAR YOUR BONES AS ARMOR! But first I need to craft hundreds of iron daggers and leather helmets as practice.

I bring up Skyrim because I went on full info gluttony leading up to its release. I wanted to know more. About everything. I wanted to know mechanics. I wanted to know new lore. I wanted to know stats and variable on all the skills. I wanted to know how and why the skills trees were revamped. If it was Skyrim related, I wanted it.

Then the game came out. Granted I still thoroughly enjoyed the game, but it definitely felt….hollow? Unfulfilling? Perhaps it became too familiar because I had learned so much about the game leading up to it. Sure, many of the major plot points were still unknown, but the initial awe of discovery was lost. I want this to not happen with Destiny 2.

Fighting the Tide

I am going to concede that there is no way that I will be able to fully blackout all the news. The best that I am going to be able to hope for is that the headlines of articles won’t give away too much info. For the most part I am just going to have to temporarily become apathetic to it all. Just push on, keep scrolling past everything in all my news feeds that give info or latest updates. Perhaps dig in to things that discuss deeper lore of it all, since we all know how much the online community loves to give analysis and compile all the lore bits and pieces in to digestible YouTube vids.

At least until the beta drops. Then I refuse to be held accountable for my actions!

So what about you?

How much info do you like to consume before the release of some new entertainment piece? Just the official trailers? Scour the interwebs for insider gossip? Sound off in the comments!