Hey there local Con goers!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to host a table at a Saratoga Comic Con. Thankfully, I joined by personal friend of mine and friend of the show Aaron Sturdivant. This was a mutually beneficial arrangement, as I had company during the two day Con and was able to wander the floor a bit without leaving my table unguarded, and Aaron is working on his own content gig “Horror with Sir Sturdy”. Aaron is very new to the online scene, so he was able to learn tons from us chatting along about all sorts of stuff. Another side benefit of bringing Aaron with me is that he is considerably more extroverted than I am, so he was able to talk up additional Con goers and some other vendors about the Podcast. He got to get in to a local Con for free and learn what it’s like “on the other side of the table”, and I got some company and a “hype man” for the weekend. Everybody wins!

This time around, I made sure to take plenty of pictures at the Con of all the great Cosplays that happened to walk by. There were a few that I didn’t get the chance to snag, but that happens when you’re trying to be social at the same time. Anyway, here’s a slide show for everyone to enjoy!

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