Hello World. This is Videogame Crosstalk, Episode 020, the monthly podcast of Gamers talking about Tech, Science, and whatever else comes to mind! I am your host, Anthony Rossi and with me this episode is Registered Dietitian, Jessika Leary!


  1. View Climate Change through VR
    1. Fiji to Use Virtual Reality to Highlight Impact of Climate Change to Global Decision-Makers
    2. The Power of VR ‘Our Home, Our People’ at COP23
    3. VR Before Its Too Late 
  2. Akili Achieves Primary Efficacy Endpoint in Pediatric ADHD Pivotal Trial

Audible Interlude


  1. All Mega Man X games coming to modern consoles
    1. Kotaku Article
    2. Mega man 11 Trailer
  2. New Trailers
    1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Official Trailer
    2. Ready Player One
    3. Avengers: Infinity War
  3. “Haven’t played but still want to” list of 2017.
    1. Anthony:
      1. AC Origins
      2. Hellblade – Senua’s Sacrifice
    2. Jess:
      1. Evil Within 2
      2. Little Nightmares

Extra Links

  1. Joe Berman episode
  2. Gamerborn episode
  3. VR and emotional connections
    1. Getting Physical and Emotiona in Virtual Reality
    2. Groundbreaking Virtual Reality Research Showcases Strong Emotional Engagement for Brands, According to YuMe and Nielsen
  4. TED Talks on the benefits of gaming, 1st one was the talk that was referenced on show
  5. Double-Blind Experimentation
  6. Big Dog from Boston Dynamic: Notice that the video is from 2008
  7. Rivals for Catan