In the most recent “This Week at Bungie“, we learned about all sorts of fun stuff happening at Bungie, like we typically do, but this week we finally got some confirmation that many of us Destiny fans have been chomping at the bit for: News regarding the next DLC!

For awhile now, all sorts of “leaks” have been rising from the depths of the net, but we now have confirmation from official channels. The next (desperately needed) DLC for Destiny will not be called “The Gods of Mars” nor “The Fallen Warmind”. Rather, it will be known simply as “Warmind”. A little anti-climactic, but so be it.

It has been been a while since Curse of Osiris, and probably quite a while since many of us have dived in to the Destiny universe, so here’s a list of what we know lore-wise as we anxiously wait for the live-stream reveal on April 24th:

The Arecibo Adventure

First lets start with some Destiny 2 lore, specifically the Arecibo Adventure. Above is an in depth analysis of the side mission that was put together by Youtuber My name is Byf. In it he goes in to great detail regarding the Music Boxes that are found on Io. I highly suggest watching the entire video for proper background, but if you’re pressed for time here are the main points:

  1. The music boxes play music that contained embedded signals that cripple, and apparently, self destruct nearby Vex.
  2. All the music boxes have Warmind insignia.
  3. The final room contain has the aesthetic of a Warmind Vault
  4. The final Music Box contains a warning regarding seeking help from those who are more powerful than you.
  5. Additionally, Ghost tweaks out and starts sputtering something about the “Frozen Tundra of Mars”. This line will be significant in several future points below.

Early Promo Art

Awhile back, we received a few pieces of promo art to start getting us hyped. One of those early pieces was this:

Soon, we will know more about this ominous scene.

From it, we can can see a few things in particular:

  1. The figure above the obvious Warmind Vault is the body model of a Female Hunter, with a the Wolf emblem of the Bray Family on her shoulder.
    1. The Clovis Bray Corporation is HQ’d on Mars, where as per Ghost’s tweak out we are totally headed.
    2. The only known female Brays are Anna and Elsa Elsie.
    3. Elsie has up and left with no real explanation.
    4. Anna’s name is being scrubbed from digital archives.
    5. The Clovis Bray corporation is credited with the creation of SIVA.
  2. In a recent reddit post, we see some concept art for the Deep Stone Crypt that all Exos have a memory of. In the two pieces of art, we note that they are mechanical towers with a large base and are located in a snowy environment.
    1. These towers are almost identical to those shown in the latest promo art
    2. Again as per Ghost’s tweak-out warning, we know that we are going to, more specifically, the frozen tundras of Mars.
  3. The Warmind Vault is the same shape and scale as the Replication Chamber that the Iron Lords were trapped in as we saw in The Rise of Iron.

Prince Uldren and the Fallen

Revisiting lore from Destiny and pulling from scannables in Destiny 2, Myelin Games’ vid regarding Prince Uldren sheds light on some potentially additional lore bits to consider:

  1. Prince Uldren ultimately crashed on Mars after the Awoken’s assault on Oryx’s Dreadnaught. As per Ghost’s tweak out in the Arecibo Adventure, we are totally going to Mars.
  2. He has access to his Crows.
  3. He has taken over as a Kell of sorts, much like his sister Mara Sov. Except this time he has taken over the House of Kings.
  4. However, there are no more multiple Houses for the Fallen, as they all now wear purple.
    1. This is a color not used in Destiny 1.
    2. The color purple has been previously associated with the Awoken of The Reef.
    3. As per scannable on Earth, Fallen transmissions now include Awoken symbolism.
  5. The Fallen are obsessed with rebuilding their Machine God.
  6. They’ve spliced their own bodies utilizing SIVA to recreate themselves in to a more perfect form.
  7. Uldren, Mara Sov, and Variks have been suspiciously quiet since The Taken King.
  8. We have yet to restore contact with The Reef.

    Oh yea, and then there’s this JYS Warmind Vault…

Community Discussion

So what are your thoughts on the new art and the potential plot points we could dive in to? Are you still playing Destiny? Personally, I’ve taken a break from it for a few months to focus on other games, but I fully intend to watch the Reveal Stream on April 24th and to rejoin the fight come May 8th!