And it was a blast both times!

I have just gotten back from vacation and while I was visiting my in-laws in Wisconsin one of the suggested activities was to try out the escape room, What the Lock. Since I have never actually done one before and had a mild interest in the concept, I decided to throw my vote in to go for it.

I was not disappointed!

For the uninitiated: An Escape Room is an activity where a local business has set up a few different rooms, each with a given theme, that is essentially one large puzzle. Typically, the goal is to find your way out of a themed room within a given time-frame. In both of our cases this was 60 minutes. Within the room are some basic puzzles to figure out and a series of locks that are opened during the course of your mystery. The locks ranged from your basic keyed chest to combination pad locks to numeric locks and even some more creative mechanisms for opening doors!

The first room for us was “The Bedroom”, which was 70’s Horror themed.

Don’t trust the Doctor!

There were plenty of creepy dolls hidden inside chests to really work the theme. The lights were constantly flickering to add to that eerie atmosphere. Additionally, it added to the tension and stress for us because we couldn’t see what we were looking at for clues or properly open the locks. Still, we were able to complete the room within the time limit and for that we were able to pose with our signs!

The next day we decided to go again, this time with more family members!

Holding the Necromancer’s wand while reppin’ Hyperion! Also, I look wicked bald.

This time around, we had to find our way into “Orvellio’s”, an enchanter’s store and steal the secret potion. This one had a much larger array of locks and puzzles than the Bedroom along with a full array of Easter Eggs around the room! As part of the room’s decor, we found references to:

  • Doby’s Sock in a book
  • The golden skull from Indiana Jones
  • A picture of a Sonic Screwdriver hidden amongst the other Wands
  • A copy of Beetlejuice’s “Handbook for the Recently Deceased”
  • an Apple from Snow White
  • Rose in a Jar from Beauty and the Beast
  • the Cube from Hellraiser

Oh, and not only did we complete within the time fame again, but we are also record holders for that room now!

Has anyone else gone through an Escape Room? Clearly, I’m going to have to do more of these as I know there are several local Escape Rooms in the area.