Hello world, this is Videogame Crosstalk, the monthly podcast of gamers talking tech, science, and whatever else comes to mind! I am you host Anthony Rossi and with me this month is actually a 2-Part eSports special! For this first part, i recorded on location with Gaming Insomniacs, an eSports league who has recently set up shop in Schenectady, NY. They are currently in the middle of their Call of Duty season, but Freddy and Shane were gracious enough to give me a moment of their time to talk about what they’ve been up to.

Additional Links:

Gaming Insomniacs: https://www.gaminginsomniacs.org/
Urban Co-Works: https://www.urbancoworks.com/
Metroplex: http://www.schenectadymetroplex.com/
Proctors Theater: https://www.proctors.org/
It Came From Schenectady: https://www.facebook.com/itcamefromschenectady/
Recovery Room (Schenectady/Rotterdam): https://www.recoverysportsgrill.com/menus/rotterdam/