I was able to walk around the floor of Empire State Comic Con 2019 and talk to all sorts of awesome people! Find all their links below!

  1. NYC Ghostbusters: https://www.facebook.com/NYCGhostbusters/
  2. Stephen Najarian: https://www.facebook.com/Stephen.Najarian.Illustration/
  3. Red Media Machine: https://redhydrogen.com/
  4. E. Hanby: https://hanby.design/
  5. Evolution Comic Inc: https://evocomicsinc.threadless.com/
  6. Jay Kennedy: https://www.arcomics.net/creators
  7. Sean Carlson: https://www.seancarlsonart.com/
  8. Forceworks Costuming: https://www.facebook.com/ForceWorksOne/
  9. Real Matches Malone: https://www.instagram.com/real_matches_malone/
  10. Toying Around: https://toying-around.business.site/
  11. Baggs Brothers: https://www.BaggsBrothersArt.com
  12. Falsemind Studios: http://www.falsemindstudios.com/
  13. STL Ocarina: https://www.stlocarina.com/
  14. Empire Game Expo: https://www.egxalbany.com/
  15. The Costumer: https://www.thecostumer.com/

Here is a collection of pics I was able to snap while I was there!