The Books of Sorrow serve as the Holy text for the Hive, and by extension the Taken as well. In Book One, we learned of the Krill and how they came to make contact with Yuul and the other Worm Gods of the Deep. They made a bargain with the Worm Gods, and are now in a symbiotic relationship with them all for the purpose of taking back their home planet of Fundament and reclaiming the Osmium throne. While this symbiotic relationship does give them immense power, the price is, of course, much higher than the sisters first anticipated.

This is Part 2 in a 5 part series, summarizing some Destiny Lore within the context of what we know today. As of this recording, we are well within the Destiny 2 expansion, Shadowkeep. This is Videogame Crosstalk, and I hope you enjoy this Destiny Lore Video.

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The sisters have made their bargain with the Worm Gods, and anxiously await what comes next for them. They still have not fully become the Hive as they are known today, but this is their final progression towards it. This book outlines how they handle their new powers and how they establish themselves within the universe.

The first few verses in Book 2 are fairly short and serve as a setup for what comes next for the sisters. In Verses 2:0 – Immortals, 2:1 – Conquerors, and 2:2 – Out of the Deep, we learn what happened to each of the sisters upon completion of the Bargain. Each in turn takes on a new form of self referred to as a “Morph”, and each Morph is based on each sister’s desire. Aurash takes on the King Morph, while also taking on the name of Auryx, due to her desire to know everything. Sathona takes on the Mother Morph while taking on the name of Savathun, due to her desire to become a Mother. This name should be familiar to most players as this name has been cited multiple times throughout the vanilla Destiny 2 missions, adventures, and in particular the strike, “Savathun’s Song”. Finally, Xi Ro takes on the Knight Morph while taking on the name Xivu Arath, due to her desire to constantly engage in combat. This name was cited in the Dreaming City only a few times and only when the map is in its later stages of Taken corruption. Later Auryx will go through a second transformation into Oryx, the name we all know and love/fear, but that will come later. In Verse 2:3 – Into the Sky, The sisters and the Worm Gods finally break free from Fundament and their journey to vengeance truly begins.

In Verse 2:4 – 52 and One, We return to the world that the Sisters previously left and are brought back in contact with the 52 moons of Fundament and Taox. While the Sisters were communing with the Worm Gods, Taox sought asylum with a species of six-armed cephalopods dubbed by Savathun as the Ammonite. Taox will be mentioned a few more times before this series has concluded, so keep track of where she ends up. Additionally, we learn that there is another moon floating around Fundament, one that is of pure divinity referred to as a Traveler. Yes, it is believed that this is the same white orb hovering above Tower on Earth. What is odd about this Traveler is that it is using it’s gravitational forces to bring the other 52 moons into alignment in order to bring about the Syzygy! Being that this verse is written from the perspective of the Worm Gods, the Sisters are urged to take immediate action for the purpose of avenging their ancestors. Eradicate the Ammonite, then deal with the Cosmic Parasite, the Traveler.

Of course, the Sisters’ first attempt at all out war ends in utter failure. In Verse 2:5 – Born as Prey, the Sisters are ridiculed by the Worm Gods for being so weak and having been pushed back to the sixth moon. Clearly, they are not strong enough yet to take on the Ammonite in direct combat. They will have to fall back, regroup, and come up with a more strategic plan of attack.

Verse 2:6 – The Sword Logic is where the basis of Hive philosophy begins. Auryx begins his study of advanced tactics, and the Worm Gods discuss “Paracausal Weaponry”. The concept of Paracausality is, from best I can determine, is a construct created by the writers at Bungie. The short version is this: by the laws of physics, neither matter nor energy can be either created or destroyed, nor can an action happen without an external force cause it to happen. With Paracausal Weaponry, these concepts are either ignored or circumvented. Being that it is said that the power for these weapons is derived from The Traveler, we can deduce that what they are talking about here are powers and armaments that weaponize the power of the Light. For example; Being able to throw a Nova Bomb, or instantaneously generate lightning for a Fist of Havoc, or engulf oneself is flames for a Golden Gun. These actions defy physics and the power to do so is drawn from the Traveler. Thus, we know that the Ammonite are currently the beneficiaries of the Traveler’s Light.

To counter the Light, the Worm Gods suggest that Auryx slaughter 100 of his own children, and witness how his blade changes. This is the start of what is to be known as the Sword Logic. As one kills, one proves themselves to be more powerful and thus absorbs that thing’s power. Through this continued killing, one can continue to grow more powerful. So basically, Auryx has some level grinding to do.

In Verse 2:7 – The Weakness Verse, things get worse for Auryx, but then suddenly much, much better. From the first line, 

You are dead, young Auryx. Betrayed and murdered by your own sister, for the crime of mercy.

 it would appear that Auryx attempted a diplomatic approach with the Ammonite. But, ha,, that is not how the Sword Logic works. It is in death and domination that the universe will build towards perfection. If a civilization is defeated, then it was not worthy of existence. If you are defeated, then you were not worthy. However, through the massive murder of his own children, Auryx has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Through this, Auryx’s spirit retreated to a “Cyst Dimension”, or “Throne World”. This would be the same plane of existence that we enter during when we pursued the Mind Bender and other missions within the Forsaken expansion. Here, he will regain strength and be allowed to take physical form again in the material plane. Through this, Auryx and his Sisters have attained a quasi-immortality, as their death will not be a True Death, a Permanent Death, as long as it does not occur within their throne world. 

Also, it turns out that Taox wasn’t on the moon that Savathun rendered neutral. So, she is still out there.

In Verse 2:8 – Leviathan Rises, the Leviathan within Fundament stirs and breaks cover because of what is happening. It sees what has happened to the Krill and what is happening now between the Sisters and the Ammonite. While the Leviathan gives more promises of peace and Golden Renewal, the Worm Gods use the same rebuttal as before: 

Who gave you the power to free yourselves and attain immortality? Who answers you in plain truths rather than sermons? 

Of course this is to persuade the Sisters to continue following the Worm Gods and fight back against the Leviathan and Ammonite.

In Verse 2:9 – Crusaders, the Sisters establish themselves as the dominant force in the universe. The aftermath of their slaughter is outlined in the first paragraph:

It’s done. Eir and Yul feed on the Leviathan’s carcass. Xivu Arath has made a temple of the Chroma-Admiral’s impaled corpse. Below us, Savathun’s poisons stain the Ammonite home sea black.

In this, the extermination of the Ammonite is complete. As per the Sword Logic, the Ammonite were unable to defend themselves and thus were not worthy of occupying their space in the universe. Through the rest of this entry, the Worm Gods go on to explain, in various ways, that it is through the elimination of all that is weak that the universe will take on it’s final perfect shape. By creating life, the Traveler does the universe a disservice by creating more flawed existence and therefore works against this concept. Therefore, it is the Traveler and it’s Light that is evil and the Deep that should be worshipped and followed.

Also, Taox is still alive somewhere and the Worm Gods remind the Sisters that they are oathbound to hunt her down and kill her.

And THAT concludes the second book within the Books of Sorrow!

So now the Sisters have made their deal with the Worm Gods of the Deep, and they are now forever oath bound to stay true to their nature or be eaten by their own worm larvae. The Sword Logic has been learned and established, and the Sisters, specifically Aurash, have learned about Throne Worlds. Also, Taox still plots against them, staying just far enough ahead to cause trouble and remain out of reach.

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