Hello world, this is Videogame Crosstalk, episode 043, the monthly podcast of gamers talking tech, science, and whatever else comes to mind! I am your host Anthony Rossi, and with me this episode is Education and Heritage Coordinator with Discover Albany, Maeve McEneny!

  1. Small talk 
    1. What have you been playing?
    2. What have you been up to?
  1. Guest Interview
    1. Tourism in Albany
      1. Events that are popular for locals: Events that partner with local businesses – Distilleries, breweries, original food…  VIP experiences. Visitors want the same thing locals want. No one wants to be a tourist any  more!
      2. Events that draw people to Albany:  Albany Tulip Fest. I’d like to promote #518TulipTracker, which we are co-promoting with the City of Albany.
      3. Is the Capital Region “Known” for anything?: Now is the time to talk about Seth Wheeler – he who invented perforated toilet paper. And a secret tradition that still occurs at his home on Lark Street…
  1. How has the Pandemic affected the local tourism and hospitality industry: Devastating! But we’re seeing community partners rise to the challenge. Restaurants are organizing the Feed Albany – Covid 19 relief. Museum Educators are meeting and sharing stories. Tourism and Hospitality industry has been hit the hardest. 
  2. Science and Geekery
    1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake
    2. https://youtu.be/ERgrFVhL-n4
  3. Capital Region (Un)Locked: 
    1. Impact of COVID-19 on Live Events: Museums and City of Albany Events moving content into virtual realms. I have to potentially figure out how to potentially move tours online! I hope I don’t have to, but have to plan “just in case.”
    2. Postponed: HV Gamer Con: https://www.albany.org/hv-gamercon-2020/ 
    3. Still on track: Empire Game Expo: https://www.egxalbany.com/ 
    4. Cancelled: Unfortunately, Genericon was cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns. Now San Diego Comic Con too. What will comic book conventions look like? 
    5. Local: https://www.ceg.org/game-on-ny/ 
    6. Siena College: https://maacsports.com/news/2020/4/18/siena-comes-back-to-win-2020-maac-esports-super-smash-bros-ultimate-championship.aspx 
    7. Unless something happens between now and the interview, we don’t know a whole lot. It’s a lot of imagining on what public events will look like. I wish I had more answers! But I can chat about some of the brainstorming that’s being done within the Museum community.  

And in the words of Dr. Seuss, “You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.”

Additional Links:

  1. Intellivision Amico:
    1. https://www.intellivisionamico.com/ 
    2. https://youtu.be/-nCsRGSEAKM
    3. Video Games Live: https://www.videogameslive.com/
  2. Non-Gamer playing a Game: https://youtu.be/ax7f3JZJHSw
  3. Discover Albany: https://www.albany.org/
    1. Washington Park, Albany NY: https://www.albany.org/listing/washington-park/2361/ 
    2. Albany Tulip Tracker: https://www.albany.org/articles/post/discover-albany-city-of-albany-office-of-cultural-affairs-launch-virtual-tulip-festival/ 
    3. Q&A: Discover Tulip Festival’s Fascinating History & Dutch Roots: https://www.albany.org/blog/post/qa-discover-tulip-festivals-fascinating-history-dutch-roots/
  4. Albany C.H.A.T. Plan: https://www.albanyny.gov/Government/Departments/CulturalAffairs/AlbanyCulturalHeritageTourismandPartnership.aspx 
  5. Minelot Falls Photosphere, Thatcher Park:
    1. https://goo.gl/maps/fkjmcSfCcjx4FeRc9 
    2. Sorry, the falls were not flowing at that time. My memory has failed me!
  6. Albany Pump Station: https://www.evansale.com/
  7. CEG – Game On New York: https://www.ceg.org/game-on-ny/