In the story of Destiny, characters grow and evolve as their personal story develops. They stay true to their nature during their changes, but the stresses of such a violent and uncertain existence makes drastic life choices inevitable. These kinds of choices go far beyond what profession to pursue; These are the kinds of choices that alter the course of history as a whole.

Such is the life of Uldren Sov, brother of Queen Mara Sov and Prince of the Vestian Throne. The Book “The Forsaken Prince”, tells the story of Uldren in the events that lead up to just before the opening of the game’s third expansion, “Forsaken”. In part 1, we learned about how Uldren and his buddy and master sniper Jolyon talked about getting into the Black Garden and were able to utilize Cabal artillery fire to take down the Gate Lord guarding the threshold, allowing them to enter. In part 2, we learn that Mara’s response wasn’t exactly what Uldren was expecting, and he comes to the realization that the Black Garden holds even more secrets that he simply cannot ignore. In part 3, Uldren finally breaks and sets forth to create his own path.

In part 4, Uldren’s story concludes, and what happens after is the campaign of Forsaken.

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As it turns out, the Archon that Uldren saved goes by the name Fikrul, who we know colloquially as “The Fanatic”. And being that Uldren is the one who saved Fikrul, Fikrul looks towards Uldren as if he is a God of some kind. His new King. His Savior. But right now they’re both kind of outcasts from their own societies, so now is a time for them to get to know each other. Fikrul begins to discuss with Uldren some of his philosophies, stating that the Eliksni have been holding themselves back by continuing to worship machines, quote,

how they have clung to tradition instead of hurling themselves into the abyss, seeking rebirth through extinction into a new species

Since Forsaken, I have been noticing quite a bit of talk about evolution through extinction and rebirth, particularly in the lore books Inquisition of the Damned and The Book of Unmaking. I’m not going to go any deeper than that, but I believe it to be significant that this idea of destroying oneself to be reborn as something more seems to be a recurring theme in Destiny 2. If there’s any reference to this concept in Destiny 1, drop some info in the comments.

Ultimately, this entry wraps up with Fikrul and Uldren deciding that if they are to be remade as something greater, they need to let go of their past. More specifically, the Kell of Kings that Uldren has specifically allied himself with.

“We have work to do,” he tells Fikrul. “The House of Kings has become, ah, inconvenient to my plans. I wish to…” He wags his knife. “Divest.”

Fikrul looks up sharply from his own knives. Dark Ether seethes like mist around his face. “It is time? We show them the future now?”


The title of the next entry, Docking, is taken from the Eliksni practice of removing the lower set of arms as a sign of either servitude or disgrace. Ever wonder why DREGS only have two arms while other Fallen have four? Heh, there’s a reason for that! If they serve their superiors well, their arms are allowed to grow back. 

Now that we have that concept briefly explained, let’s move on to the entry. Suffice to say, Uldren and Fikrul follow through with their plans. This is a short entry, so let’s just read it in its entirety:

“Honorless, at the end,” gasps the former Kell of Kings. “Faithless and false. Your sister’s will kept us from the Great Machine, Uldren Sov. She challenged the Wolves by right of noble lineage. But you… you skulk in shadows and filth. You hide behind your bruises like a Dreg.”

“Funny you should mention that,” Uldren sneers. He knows he’s sneering, but this worthless thing deserves it. What did the Kell of Kings ever want? To go backward. More Servitors. More machines. More of the past. Uldren sees now that extinction is only the beginning: that the bones of what you become can act more powerfully than the flesh of what you leave behind.


Shattered Servitors and dead Fallen loom in Ether-frosted mounds behind Fikrul. He comes forward silently, hulking, horrific, his headdress gridding out the firelight into blocks of shadow and smoke. He carries two shock daggers.

“We are the last of our kinds,” Uldren tells the Kell. “My sister is gone. So is the idea of your Great Machine. The difference between us?” He leans in to hiss. “My sister’s coming back.”

In four swift cuts, the Archon of the Scorned Barons docks the Kell of Kings. Uldren tears the House of Kings sigil hanging from the new Dreg’s belt and holds it high for all to see. “The Kings are dead.”

“Long live the King,” comes Fikrul’s reverent growl.


After their incredibly intense moment, Fikrul and Uldren part ways for a bit. The next entry, Petra, is also very short. After leaving Fikrul, Uldren continues his search for Mara, albiet somewhat aimlessly. His mind drifts to the last as he remembers happier times out on scouting missions with another determined member of the Awoken fiercely devoted to Mara: Petra Venge. 

Perhaps she can be saved?

He is able to find her in Theive’s Landing. Most likely she is in the process of dealing with The Spider for information. Uldren confronts Petra only briefly:

“So few of us remain,” he tells her, and in that moment, seeing the shame in her, he knows she is too far gone. She cannot be saved.

That night, Uldren weeps for Petra. But then “Mara”, throwing the quotes up there, comes to him providing comfort and reassurance. Obviously, this is not, but Riven exerting more and more control and influence over Uldren. 

Free – Parts 1 & 2

The final two entries in this book, “Free – Parts 1 & 2”, describe how Uldren ultimately let’s go of anything that may be holding him back. He is running on pure self-serving emotions now, but, unbeknownst to him, under the influence of Riven. Free Part 1 starts out with an intense exchange:

“Admit it! Admit that you trapped my sister in the Dreaming City!”

“I did not,” Illyn says. “She is not trapped, Uldren. She is dead.”

At this point Uldren’s story, he know the origin of the voice that he hears, which is within the Dreaming City, and he knows the voice belongs to a being that is being held captive. Clearly, this is not the case. Yes, we were able to speak to Mara and visit her throne, and to do so we had to travel THROUGH the Dreaming City, but she was was not physically IN the Dreaming City. 

By now, Uldren’s descent into madness is nearly complete, and will be by the end of this book. Illyn feels sorry for Uldren as she sees his current mental state. What Illyn does not see is Riven’s influence, so she thinks him to be only mad from the loss of his sister, nothing more.

Neither party trusts the other. Illyn believes that Uldren has gone insane with unresolved sister issues, and Uldren believes that Illyn is a witch that lies to him. 

Through this, Uldren’s new convictions hold: that he is destined to save his people, even if it would require their extinction. In his final rant to Illyn, he states that it would go against Mara’s grand design for the Awoken people to survive beyond their usefulness. 

Life without her is worse than… worse than…”

He chokes on it. He can’t describe it. At the edge of sight, Mara watches him with all the heartbroken concern and tender care he has always wanted from her.

That evening, he surrenders himself to the Reef.

Uldren is escorted, with a full strike team, to the Prison of Elders: Which is where the opening mission to the Forsaken campaign takes place. One of the members he seems to recognize, but not fully. He is a tall man, with a long rifle. Most likely, this is Jolyon, his old sniper buddy. But Uldren has fallen too far now to fully recognize him.

When he is brought to one of the lowest levels in the prison, he is confronted by Petra herself. Finally, it has come to this. Petra is aiding in the imprisonment of one of the royal family, Spy Master of the Crowd: Prince Uldren Sov.

“She speaks to you?” Her words are curt and direct. “What does she say?”

Uldren closes his eyes and lets Mara’s voice wash through him. He is here in the heart of Petra’s strength, in the prison she has so carefully tended as everything else falls apart. He is weak and he is bound. These are the strengths his sister never possessed: the endurance of humiliation, the survival of defeat.

“She says…” He lifts his head to meet her gaze and watches her flinch. She holds him in her weapon’s sights as she withdraws, step by careful step. The Exo steps forward to hood him with a black bag. “She says…”

“Free me.”

Further Reading

For the most part, what happens next is the Forsaken campaign. We come to the Prison where there’s a prison break in progress, Uldren gets away, and we proceed to hunt down each of the Barons until we finally confront Uldren himself. Well, we confront him after one particular battle, but….well, no spoilers if you haven’t played yet! 

But how does this prison break happen? In the book, “Most Loyal”, we hear what happens in the prison as Varrkis from House Judgement tends to the newly incarcerated, and why he does what he does. There is also more on Uldren’s relationship with Mara that can be found in the book, “Marasenna”. Lots of interconnected stories were woven in this expansion! I hope to be able to provide more summaries on these soon enough!

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