RPG A Day, Day 02! Let’s get this party started!

Day 02: What is an RPG That You Would Like to See Published?

There are a lot of games and fictional universes that have been making their way to the table top, so this is one is harder. I recently heard about how Fallout is getting the Tabletop treatment from Fantasy Flight, so that one is off the list.

Actually…ya know what game series could potentially make a killer tabletop? Final Fantasy!

There’s so much lore to draw from, so fleshing out a universe shouldn’t be a problem. They’ve adopted and reconfigured and redesigned and scrapped and experimented and innovated on SO MANY combat mechanics that it shouldn’t be too hard to pick a style and adapt it. They already have an established set of spells, abilities, and a vast array of classes for players to choose from, along with an equally long list of weapons and gear sets.

Given how many variations of of this game exist, I am actually surprised that a tabletop adaptation does not exist already, unless there’s a GURPS version out there that I (obviously) don’t know about.