Back at it with a 3rd post in the same day! Granted, these are by far much shorter than my typical style AND I’m playing catch up, so try not to be too impressed.

Day 03: How Do You Find Out About New RPGs?

In short: the internet.

But seriously, though, I am fairly active on social media and I’ve followed a few gaming groups and sites as well as being friends with some hardcore gamers. These gaming friends are on both the Video and Tabletop side of the gaming world, so I get quite the steady stream of news. If something new is coming up and I haven’t read about it on one of my usual sites then one of my friends have posted about it. There’s still plenty that passes me by, sure, but those are few and far between and even fewer do I actually have any interest in.

“Do you want to play a game?” Actually…Ya, I do!

The local game shops do have open game nights, but although I have become more extroverted over the years I still feel awkward just thinking about going to one of these events. Although, I assume that if I just WENT to a few and introduced myself as someone who simply didn’t know and sincerely wanted to learn, I’m guessing the regulars would be more accommodating, but…that’s rational-objective me stating that. Not the actual-in-practice me.