As much as many of us use gaming as an escape or for relaxation, there are many of us who play for a great story. When a great story requires a great hero, that great hero needs a great villain. But not just run of the mill, “I want to rule the world!” kind of villian, I’m talking about something special!

3. Kefka (Final Fantasy 6)

As I’ve mentioned many times on the podcast, I still stumble when refering to this game as either FF3 or FF6. Mainly because I’m old and I actually played this game when it was new. Hell, I played the original Final Fantasy on the NES when it was new! For the most part, the majority of the Final Fantasy villains tend to systematically take control of either sections of the world or entities until they have majority control over…something. Usually all the crystals/orbs/mana seeds/whatever precious material that has some representation to the basic elements that make up existence.

But Kefka….oh, he was something different.

Starting with his signature laugh and circus clown mystique, we all knew he was off. But it wasn’t until his surprise coup against Emperor Gestahl  did we begin to understand the depth of his madness. Even his final theme music, “Dancing Mad” is testament to the completeness of his insanity.

2. Oryx (Destiny)

While being relatively new to be making an appearance on an “all time” list, his placement here is well deserved. Oryx made his grand appearance in the 3rd DLC for Destiny 1, The Taken King, although his existence was told about during the vanilla campaign.

What earns Oryx his placement on this list is what we learn about in the Books of Sorrow. In here, we learn about Aurash’s youth, her people’s desperation, her communing with the Worm Gods, her eventual King transformation into Oryx, and how he studied the Sword Logic, consumed entire planets worth of life energy, all to become a divine elder being. The hunger only became worse, and demanded ever increasing portions.

He didn’t want to rule the world. He wanted dominion over existence itself.

1. Handsome Jack (Borderlands)

There is no possible way that I could take any “Greatest Villains of All Time” list these days without a mention of the greatest hero of his own story. In Borderlands 2 we see him as a wise cracking CEO of Hyperion, an interstellar weapons manufacturer, until later in the game we begin to see how deep his obsession runs. We see that he’s hooked his own daughter up to a massive apparatus just to speed the charging of a Vault Key. In Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, we get to witness his descent in to madness as he (d)evolves from awkward programmer in to homicidal executive. However, it is not until players take a walk with him stuck in their heads in the Telltale series, Tales from the Borderlands.

The great thing about Jack is his charisma and humor. He’s hysterical in a cynical uber-douchebag way that many of us wish we could get away with.

OK, maybe that’s just me….

ANYWAY, the man has so many memorable lines and it’s easy to really like the guy until the writing suddenly takes a dark turn. And when it turns, it turn VERY quickly, and you’re simply left there with your friends in party chat asking, “Did….did that really just happen?”

Who’s on your List?

Obviously, I haven’t played every game ever created so I am sure I missed some top evil talent. Sound off in the comments with your favorite few!