In short: Chasing Jacob around the house.

Sadly, I have been quite absent from this blog. And even sadder, I missed recording an episode of the podcast last month. So why have I been so absent?

Jacob has learned to walk.

“We told you so!”

Jacob_StandingI have lost count of how many different parenting cliche’s that my friends and family have warned me about. So many warnings I have rolled my eyes at or simply scoffed at. Others I heeded the warning, but thought, “Hey, I’ve done all sorts of things and run myself ragged. This is nothing I can’t handle!” And it has been true, there hasn’t been anything that I couldn’t handle, but… How am I still walking?

The first being lack of sleep when he was first born. I’ve operated on a lack of sleep for years. I’ve worked two jobs while still hosting and promoting local bands on the side. I’ve pulled countless all nights, hit the bars and clubs on nights where I had to work at one of the jobs in the morning. Old hat, right? I have never experienced prolonged exhaustion on this scale before, and hope I never do again.

Clothes are expensive to begin with, but slap a “baby” label on it and suddenly it becomes designer wear! We’ve been to consignment sales plenty of times and have quite the stockpile of clothes and toys at reasonable prices. But when on the rare occasion that we have gone to a retail store: WHAT THE WHAT?!?!? A 9-12mo onesie that costs the same as one of my work dress shirts? On top of that, reality hit me strong when he started to grow out of his clothes around month 4. Personally, I haven’t “grown out of” any of my clothes in……literally decades. The thought of paying those prices for only a handful of months is utterly jaw dropping.

Content Creation

Unfortunately, for the time being content creation has been put on hold (obviously). There simply not enough time in the day for proper quality work to be done. I am currently typing this up at 8:08pm, only a few minutes after Jacob has been put to bed and my wife and I have taken care of final daily chores. Sure, all is quiet now, but the young master will be awake at 5:30am whether we are ready to start our day or not. So how late do I stay up for gaming? Answer: I don’t. Jacob

I am, thankfully, beginning to find my flow again. Thus this blog post is actually getting created! I am in the process of prepping for a new podcast episode, and I am trying to figure out when I can make more frequent blog posts. At this point, I’m going to have to concede and start making smaller, more “bite sized” entries rather than my 2,500+ word essays that I am known for.

Looking Ahead

On top of getting back to recording podcast episodes, I hope that I can post a little something on a weekly basis. Not sure what the theme is going to be about, but I am sure I’ll be able to find a little something. Be it a quick take on some gaming news, or my thoughts on some other tech article. Hopefully with more frequent posts I’ll be able to attract some more activity on this site as well!

Thanks for sticking around, and I hope to have more posts up soon!