Header photo credit: John Carl D’Annibale

And it was quite the honor!

The article was posted to the web on May 31st and was in print on June 1st in the Albany Times Union, our local Newspaper. The interview has been in the works for quite some time now, having gone back and forth between myself and Sara Tracey, until ultimately falling to Deanna Fox. We had quite the in depth discussion about the podcast where I tried to push that VGXT is more than your standard “News and Reviews” podcast. I sincerely try to push deeper in to the articles that are discussed on the show as well as what each of my guest is involved in.

In all honesty, it really was a great interview. We were able to talk about a whole host of topics that revolve around the podcast and how it fits in the larger narrative of the public perception of gaming. Additionally, it was briefly discussed how the Capital Region of NY is becoming a hub for gaming and game development. Thankfully, I was portrayed as someone who enjoys a hobby and is trying to utilize it as a platform for larger discussions.

It is truly an honor to be a part of this ever growing community! Here’s to hoping for many more adventures!

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