Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

First off, I would like to apologize for the sound quality of episode 024. In my previous episode, Aaron and I were having some trouble recording, and it turns out there was something wonky with his internet connection. Unfortunately, in the meantime I had switched mics a few times on my end in an effort to trouble shoot this issue. Unfortunately, when it came time to record again with Miss Molly, I had never plugged my original microphone BACK IN, and I was only checking to make sure that my voice was being picked up and that my connection was stable. So what you ended up with was audio recorded from my laptop’s internal mic and a whole lot of echo and reverb. I was able to clean it up a little, but alas the resulting quality is something that you should not expect from me in future episodes.

Moving on what this little episode is: What we’ve got here is a little something that I am trying out with VGXT. Ya see, I want to keep my episodes closer to an hour in length, but quite often the conversation is so great that I don’t want to break the stride. So what I’m doing today is pulling out one of the topics or articles that were originally discussed on the show and releasing it as it’s own little “shorty” episode, which I’m branding as “VGXtra”! So welcome to the inaugural episode of this little extra tidbit of VGXT!