Warning: Meandering stream of consciousness incoming

So it has been a long, like REALLY long, time since I’ve written anything. The truth of the matter is that Jacob is now going to bed later than before which in turn means that I now have even LESS time to do anything with this website/blog/podcast. By the time we spend time with him, cook/eat/clean up after dinner, and finally put him to bed it is roughly 8:15pm. It has been frustrating, for selfish reasons, but I am still holding on to the idea that this could turn in to something big. Or at least, something bigger than its current state. Not just for myself but for the local community, both gaming and educational, as a whole as well.

I am writing this closely on the heels of a little twitter vent session where I just voiced my frustrations. The entire content is similar to frustrations voiced earlier in another blog post and, surprise, life hasn’t gotten simpler yet. Things just keep ramping up as they do when you try to juggle too many things at the same time.

Deep breaths. I can do this.

So in a recent effort to get more out of my gaming hours, I have stepped away from Destiny 2. This may sound a little silly on the surface, but for a die-hard fan like myself I can assure you this is drastic. Fear not, I fully plan on returning to The Tower once the Forsaken drops. But until then I have successfully pulled myself away and started moving in a new direction: Indie Games.

Don’t worry, Cayde-6, I will avenge you!

In the time that I have moved away from Destiny, I have completed Gat Out of Hell (not an indie game, I know, but it’s still a smaller game), Unravel, and Everybody has Gone to the Rapture. It’s been quite enjoyable to be able to actually complete a game within a week or two and be satisfied with the experience. I have been wanting to dip in to these titles and smaller games like them for some time now, but for my entire gaming history I have been engrossed in the epic RPGs. My brother and I put in multiple playthroughs of Final Fantasy 3 6 back in the SNES days and even Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior all the way back on the NES. I played full paragon and full rebel playthroughs of the Mass Effect trilogy and Dragon Age trilogy, put over 200 hours in to Elder Scrolls 3, 4, 5 and Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4, and have played every Assassin’s Creed. I love HUGE games, but I just simply cannot game like that any more.

So I’ve recently taken a little break, and it’s been awesome. I am currently playing God of War and that has been AMAZING so far. It has been moving fairly quickly, and I have come to terms with my current life situation and I am playing on not just “easy”, but “give me a story easy”. I feel shame, but it is a sacrifice that I must make in order to accomplish damn near ANYTHING given my tight schedule.

To close out this brief post, I will end on a positive: I have been making a little more noise in the community, if ever so slowly. I recently got invited to come to Northeast Trek Con! While I sadly cannot commit to being a vendor for three days, I will be making every effort to come out and meet up with all you crazy Star Trek freaks the dwell up here in the frozen Northeast!

In the meantime, I will be doing my best to bring more frequent content to this site. To help me out here, what would you like to see/read about? Brief updates on my gaming habits and how I am progressing? Take a recent news headline and give my hot take on it?

Sound off in the comments!