This website has been quiet for far too long.

With the utmost sincerity, I appreciate every click that I receive here. As my child has grown and entered his terrible twos, I just can not seem to find the time to actually create anything worth sharing on this website. I am still active on the social media accounts when I get the chance, but to get a solid chunk of time to sit and write something out continues to be out of reach.

However, this time away has made me think of ways I can create more consistent content. I’m going to lay out a few ideas, and if you’ve got any comments for improvement or “Don’t waste your time”, anything and everything is welcome!

Short Posts

My problem seems to be the same problem that I’ve had for a long time, which is that I can’t just pop on here and say something simply and quickly. For whatever reason, I have to go in to excessive detail and blabber on for an extended time. Instead, I am going to try to create more frequent posts that make a quick observation on a news item and capture a few thoughts.


Jacob and I at his daycare’s Holiday Party making a Gingerbread House

Being a parent is still something new to me, and I am not sure it will ever feel familiar. Additionally, I joke about it on the podcast quite often so it seems to be a relevant topic. Heck, kids are weird and they make for good conversation.

Gameplay Videos

As it turns out, I have got some extra rewards points on one of my credit cards. Enough so that I plan on purchasing an Elgato after the holidays. Not sure how much I will be posting, but I have some ideas. Perhaps my sessions with some smaller indie titles that I may be able to work through in a few sessions.

Lore Videos

If this is Volume 1, does that mean there will be a Volume 2?!?!?

In addition to gameplay videos, I would also like to start making some Lore Videos, specifically for Destiny. I have recently received my Grimiore Anthology, Vol. 1 and I have a few collections of stories that are worth discussing, especially for those who are new to the series. I plan on sticking to established lore and explaining the backstory for certain events and people, and why that is significant. I am not going to bother with trying to make predictions as I have shown to be terrible at it. Additionally, I believe that the writers intentionally lead us in a particular directions for the purpose of setting us up for a surprise. Either that, or they bring in a completely new character that has never been mentioned before to fill the void in the new plot direction, so there is no way that even the most skilled lore masters would have guessed it.

Press Passes

Words cannot express how much fun this was, and I anxiously await more!

Northeast Trek Con was the first con that I was able to get live interviews from vendors and celebrities. In short: IT WAS AWESOME! While my audience still needs to grow to get in to larger cons, I am going to have to start applying for more press passes at these and other events. Here’s to hoping!

Back To Family

As I type this out, I am visiting my in-laws for the holidays and everyone is still asleep, but beginning to wake up. This is another reason why my content has been so limited: I value my family and other responsibilities before this. That is not to say that I selfishly wish I could be blogging or playing games non-stop, but I do what I can to maintain health personal relationships.

I may be able to post another blog post or two if I am able to get some more early morning sessions in. But until then, Happy Holidays to all and I will see you in the next year!

Future post for Xmas Eve: Top 5 offbeat Xmas Songs?