It’s been a rough few months, but I’m not out of steam yet!

I’ve made no secret of the fact that becoming a father has been more taxing that I expected. Not that I was expecting it to be easy, it just turned out to be one of those things that no matter how well prepared you think you are and no matter how much other people tell you about it you will never know true exhaustion until you are on your 3rd month of less than 4hrs of sleep per night. I have been able to squeak out routine episodes, but the site has been lacking blog posts and proper Social Media interactions. In the coming year, I am planning on a few updates to how I work things.

Shorter Episodes

I want to provide the best content I can, but 2+ hours is just too much sometimes

In the beginning, I aim for about 60mins per episode. Then my guest and I start running off on tangents, the conversation gets good and detailed, and all of a sudden we have passed the two hour mark and I am dreading the idea of editing that much raw audio. Also, two hour podcast episodes are tough to handle on a typical commute. So in the future, I plan on combining the “Tech and Science” and the “Gaming and Geekery” segments in to just “Tech and Geekery”. Besides, “News” is no long “New” after a week, so new listeners going back to old episodes would not get much value from over half the content.

Capital Region (Un)Locked

Big things are happening in the Capital Region of New York, and I want to be a part of it! More Comic Cons are getting scheduled and new gaming ventures and studios are continuing to pop up, like Gaming Insomniacs in Schenectady. I will try to include at least one article about what is happening in my local area so this podcast can have a more personal feel. And, hell, it’s my hometown! Big things are happening around here and it should be celebrated!

YouTube: Lore Videos and Gameplay

As in one of my previous posts, I would like to try my hand at creating Destiny Lore videos. I have two scripts written and I just need to find the time to record the audio. Family life keeps me busy! Additionally I am kicking around the idea of uploading some other gameplay vids for extra content. At the moment I am planning on recording my gaming sessions on indie titles, something that I can complete in a few sessions as opposed to larger something like 200 hours The Witcher. Or, I may just go all in and record a full playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition as a lead up to the next entry in the series.

An Anti-Hero with swagger! I’m sure there is nothing to fear with him!

More Live Interviews at Conventions

Slowly, ever so painfully slowly, this podcast is gaining more attention from locals in the industry. Although I was unable to work a vendor table, I was invited (and graciously accepted!) to attend the Northeast Trek Con. This was a huge honor for me, as it not only was the first time an organizer reached out to me to attend their event but I was able to get my first media celebrity interviews! Later this year, I will be attending the Toying Around Block Party in Johnstown NY, and is being set up like a mini Comic Con! I’ll be able to mingle around in a much smaller setting and hope to get a few words with each of the other vendors in attendance. I have applied for a Press Pass to Empire State Comic Con, but we will have to see if I have the metrics for the show. If not, I will check with my wife to see if I can still swing a three day Con out of the house.

That is All For Now!

I have high hopes for the future of this, as it has already afforded me with some amazing opportunities and more seem to be on the horizon!