Alright, looks like we’ve got some bonus content! Welcome to VGX-tra 002, where content that didn’t quite fit in the regular episode gets published later as a little bonus! What we’ve got in this episode is a quick science article from Episode 029 with Ray Umerley. Pretty wild stuff happening in the world of tech, and now even NASA is tapping on the brain power and ingenuity of the Gaming industry to help out with this new project! Let’s check it out!

NASA develops 3D Mars base simulator in collaboration with game studio:

Pretty awesome, right? That’s all for this bonus episode. But hey, we’re about to head in to Con season, and if you’re in the Capital Region of NY, There’s a chance I may see you at one! Keep watching the website and my facebook page for where I’ll be next! As always, please don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share this episode all over your social media account and leave a review for the next potential listener! But until the next full episode, always save your game before doing something incredibly stupid, but potentially awesome!