In the never ending quest of searching for something to do with our toddler we have often resorted to visiting the mall to do “window shopping”, especially during these colder months. It is contained to a climate controlled environment, plenty of stimulus, we get a half-way decent walk in, and we can always stop for a number of reasons up to and including, “Just because.”

From Feb. 9th through 24th, Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY is host to, “The Lego Americana Roadshow: Building Across America.” In this traveling exhibit, Lego Master Builders have created massive replicas of American National Monuments.

We were able to make a visit on it’s opening day! Some of the models were extremely impressive, and I was able to capture at least one picture of each in the gallery below! Enjoy!

More information about the roadshow can be found on the official website, HERE: