Hey everyone! Things have been quite busy over here with me making appearances at live events! I’ve been able to grab live recordings with all sorts of awesome people in the local community and beyond, and I am currently in the process of scheduling guests to resume some regularly formatted shows!

One of the live events that I was able to attend was the Toying Around Block Party hosted by Toying Around in Johnstown, NY. It was a hell of a time, and everyone, EVERYONE needs to seek out Vinnie, Owner of Toying around, and give that dude a massive Hi-5 for the event that he was able to put together! He was able to not only organize an awesome show for a small town in upstate NY, but also had the endorsement of the city’s Mayor and Senetor Jim Tedisco even showed up!

Unfortunately, I was not able to grab any audio for a live episode as I was located right behind the DJ booth, but I was able to meet great local peeps, hand out a few biz cards, and snap a few photos:

Thanks to everyone that showed up, and I look forward to my next event, the Empire Game Expo!